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The Full Story

Fort Box is a new business with an innovative idea. 


The inspiration came from a problem the team behind Fort Box faced in the building & construction industry; expensive kit being stolen.


After some consideration, we came up with a solution that suited us. A large metal box, designed and made to exacting standards that was portable, could be permanently or temporary anchored in situ, and was resilient enough to put off thieves. (We really hate thieves). And it works very well. 


After getting some flattering comments and inquiries about our box, we decided to make some more. Those sold. And the Fort Box business was born. Now we can offer our unique security to anyone who may need it. 


We can make or hire you a Fort Box, deliver it to your home, business or work site, and install it where needed. Indoors or out.


Fort Box typically comes in black and measures 1125 x 1455 x 1850. But we can increase the length / depth depending on your unique needs. We can also provide it in a variety of colours and finishes. Tell us what you need and Fort Box will accommodate. 

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