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FORT BOX - Heavy Duty Portable Security

Fort Box - Materials & Process
Your standard Fort Box is made from 2.5mm sheet steel but can go up to 10mm sheet steel.
The standard Fort Box when fully welded weighs approximately 300kg
The finish is painted with an antirust - corrosion proof Hammerite black paint
 but you can request a customised finish.

Your Fort Box - Locks & Hinges
There are three industrial steel hinges which measure in at whopping 25mm each.
There are 2 concealed standard lock boxes BUT there is also an additional 
custom locking design included.
You will be able to secure your Fort Box to the floor.
When customising the standard Fort Box you can request an additional locking mechanism. Please ask when ordering your Fort Box.
Size & style of your Fort Box
  • Fort Box has been designed to optimise internal space.

  • All Fort Boxes are finished with a rust prevention primer and Black Hammerite.

  • If you require a larger Fort Box we can add as many sections as needed and those additions include anti tamper design security - No prising or cutting of joints.

  • Your Fort Box will be raised off the floor on legs measuring 100mm x 100mm x 100mm.

  • There are an unending list of customisations available e.g. We can 'Wrap' your Fort Box to completely change the look of it.

Locations and uses for your Fort Box

The initial idea was that Fort Box would be used to secure tools and machinary on building sites. It was built big enough to house a micro digger, plate compactor, cement mixer, generator & a still saw and still have space left over. But it's practical uses vary widely. Any businesses that requires expensive kit to be secured regularly needs Fort Box.


And for home use, it can be placed next to (or inside) a garage, shed or garden room, providing that extra level of practical security for bicycles, motorbikes, mowers etc.


If it's valuable, stick it in a Fort Box.

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